Weight Is On Your Hands

Create Your desire

I was born in Palermo, Italy, and had a pretty "socially speaking" usual path from school to university. Think... I've got a master degree in Telecommunication Engineering... and so?

At the age of 16 I started questioning the meaning of life and all the things that I was doing and believing. This is when I decided to move towards my first big change. I did want to be the master of my life.


Engeeniting and potential profitable careers weren't making me happy and I started travelling and meeting amazing inspiring people.


Being responsable of my life and my choices was a big acknowledge int erms of life change.

The greatest fears of approval and rejection were always there, ready to pull me back, but the consciousness that I needed to step out of my comfort zone to suceed was always with me.


During all these years I've been keeping on moving, training and developing here and around the world the art of handbalancing.

Look At Your Feet

We are the result of all our choices

Every single step that I have taken is building my new path. Yu know... you are the only person you will spend your entire life with! My focus is to make it great.


Sometimes we just need to stop, look at our feet and see where we are now.

Optional, but very useful, is to add some drops of gratitude.

Lose Your Balance To Find Stability

Fall 1001 times, but do not give up

In addition to the greatest fears of life, there's the frustration fellow!


Balance is movement. It wouldn’t be balance if you couldn't lose it.

Along my journey I've realised that balance is something that must be continuously nurtured, and not only from a physical perspective.


It takes time, effort and most importantly failure to succeed at this priceless treasure of a journey.


The handstand is like a roller coaster, with ups and downs. The difference is that you will never get back to the starting point, but higher!


Being Tense Or Letting Go

I have always been a very rational person, perfectionist and trying to have some control over my emotions.


Once a very close friend of mine, Grace, told me “Do you want to be more in touch with the reality? Then let it go”.

This was a magic gift. A consciousness that brought me to feel my body more and more, to welcome my feelings, to be more present and more connected.


The breathe can be one of our best friends. Use it. During my practice a conscious use of the breathe has been a powerful tool for achieving my goals.

Enjoy The Journey

Balance, Life Philosophy, Power, Mindfullness, Core

My passion began with my gymnastics training. Then I started attending workshops, conventions and retreats on handstands, partner acrobatics and self-development.


In 2017 I met Pascal Angelier and, successively, other amazing handstand "guru" who definitely improvedy the quality of my training, teaching and self-discipline. I'd like to credit Daniel Liddiard, Miguel Sant'Ana, Lewis Yost, Luca Forte and Francesco Antonucci.


Eager for teaching and finding out each individual trigger to unlock new body awarenesses, I ran my first workshop in Italy. That was an amazing and succefssful experience. I loved what I was doing!

It is beautiful, powerful, fulfilling to empower the people I teach to become more confident and aware, to create connections and find out hidden powers.

Everybody can.


I am currently running Workshops, group and private coaching and Online training.


The quality of my work is on a persistent evolution because I keep on practicing, studying and learning from inspiring teachers from all around the world.

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