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Private Training


We are all individuals and a private lesson will always be beneficial for a tailored method based on your goals, skills and needs.


Private classes are designed to give you knowledge, technique and a “know-how” to achieve your aim and to face challenges you’ve set for yourself.


This is perfect if you want my complete single 1-to-1 or 1-to-2 attention and you prefer to work without being with other students.


Additional benefits:

  • Free online ongoing monitoring
  • Free guide with exercises and practices faced during the private training



Workshops and Retreats


Host a memorable workshop for your retreat: a perfect mix of playfulness, improvement and professionalism.

The key is to share a practical and tangible knowledge in a trustful and safe environment.

People experience, learn and feel good.


Ice-breaking and warming up games are the key for creating connections and a comfortable and safe environment,


People are led to achieve their goal, through tailored practices and techniques. Each proposed skill is always analized to match the need of any single individual.


Each participant will:

  • gain a higher confidence in their body, no matter their background
  • a deeper understanding of movement within the body
  • a “know-how” method for their ongoing and future practice
  • have fun!

Additional benefits:

  • Interactive learning
  • Reciprocal support
  • Teamwork
  • Relationship building



Corporate and Team building


Are you organizing a team building retreat for your company and you want to give a boost of energy to your employees?

The key points are three:


  • Teamwork: tailored activities are proposed to build communication, collaboration, connection, trust and teamwork.

  • Fun: the healthy one. Games and practices for allowing your staff to relax, play and have a good time in a safe non-judgmental environment.

  • Physical work: your staff will enjoy a unique workout tailored on individual physical capabilities. This includes mobility, strength and partner work practices.

With mindfulness, we play and work to create mind space, to create connections, to release body and mind tensions.




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