Always and from everywhere

What's online training?


Online training is a way to learn the art of hand balancing from wherever you are, whenever you want and under my careful guidance.  


It is designed on individual programming based on your needs and goals.


We will go through all the step-by-step practice in order to achieve efficientely, technically and safely your goal




How does it work?

We will have a first free consultation to discuss about your ptactice, your goals, your mental approach, your dedication time and the way I'll guide you along this journey. 

Then I'll create a individual and personalised training program based on what we previously discussed.

My support and coaching consist on giving you live feedbacks on your training based on video recordings. 
After each session you will share with me videos of your training, from different perspectives, and I will respond with my comments, feedbakcs and corrections. Eventually, I'll record additional videos for helping you to visualise my feedbacks. 

Additionally, we'll have live sessions in which I give you instant inputs in real time. 


What will you get from the Online training?

    • A free consultation to get to know each other and make a plan based on your goals.
    • A tailored step-by-step program designed on your achievements.
    • Active and careful guidance and support.
    • Detailed analysis and feedback of each of your sessions.
    • Improvements in body awareness, fluent movements, strength and flexibility.
    • The helthy handstand addiction! 

How much does it cost?

The most efficient and successful way I have found to work is through a monthly based structure. 

I've tried to make my Online coaching as accessible as possible for everyone:

  4 sessions per month --  €70   
    8 sessions per month --  €100   
12 sessions per month --  €120