Workshop Description

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Introduction to the Handstand


A full 360° introduction to the handstand world, including several preparatory exercises and drills, a mindful approach, starting from the fundamentals and, step by step, bringing you to enhance your body awareness and giving the right inputs once upside down.

Safely getting out from own comfort zone, facing fears and creating a safe environment of practice and, at the same time, fun.

At the end of the workshop you will know the tools and techniques that will help you, through practice and persistence, to approach the handstand with confidence and sensitivity.


No prerequisite is required.


Handstand for Intermediate and Advanced


A dive into the handstand practices, perfectioning and enhancing your current skill and your sensitivity while hand balancing.
A deeper approach to more complex figures, such as mexican, seven, one arm, flags, dynamic handstand entries, head-in.

At the end of this workshop you will have several tools that will help you to progress, with practice and perseverance, towards your goals.


A 30 seconds two arm handstand is required.




Yoga Inversions


A mindful approach to the world of inversions. Starting from the fundamentals, you are lead to feel your body through several core awareness practices and a conscious use of your breathe.

The focus is on some of the main inversion poses: tripode head stamd, forearm head stand, forearm stand, crow, scorpion and handstand. Variations are also faced and experienced.

We create a safe environment, getting over the fear of being upside down, in order to approach inversions safely and consciously.  


At the end of the workshop, you will have several tools that will help you to be more confident during your practice.


No prerequisite is required.




Strength and Flexibility Techniques


Series and repetition of exercises with the aim of developing your strength and flexibility.


A solid routine will help you, regardless of where you are starting from, to see great results within a short amount of time.

Most of the proposed workouts are used in gymnastics, with a particular eye to the quality of movement.

No prerequisites are required: each exercise is observed and experienced from the basic to its advanced skill, such as full splits, bendings, presses, press handstand, handstand push-ups, planche.




Acro Balance 


In a safe, fun and dynamic environment, we build a trustful way to work with one or more partners in acrobatic balance figures.

Depending on the group, the workshop can face several acro activities:

      • Acroyoga and L-basing
      • Standing acro and introduction to foot2hand and hand2hand
      • Acro dance moves and entries
      • Acro Fun


No prerequisite is required, only your willingness to play, connect, discover your inner child and learn!





Time to balance on a wheel and the research of its potential.

Depending on the group, tailor practices and freestyle skills are faced.


Starting from the fundamentals, on how to mount and do the first steps, to more skilled tricks, such as wheel walk, one foot, gliding, hops, pirouette, and many more.


You will face the fear of falling, through safe and assisted exercises and different team work will be proposed.

No prerequisites are required. No age limit. You can.




Authentic Connections


Authenticity is a great tool for bringing our truth in connection with others’ and we will experience it through playful practices and games.


Authentic connections and relating games are a powerful practice to boost empathy, to build deeper relationships, to see reality through others’ eyes, to enhance your self-confidence, to bring  our communication to another level.

From simple ice-breaking games to curiosity games, the power of consent, awareness-building and group activities which take individuals safely out of their comfort zone.


At the end of the workshop you might feel more centered, confident, connected, human, loving and loved.